KidZone is the children's ministry of Hope Rising Church 

Here in KidZone we believe in Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way they should go and when they grow old they won't depart from it". We want to teach your child to love God, love people, and have fun! Each room is designed for a specific age group and we welcome all children!

What we're learning:

God wants to be our best friend! In this five-week series, kids will explore the outdoors and discover how to grow in their friendship with God by getting quiet, reading His Word, opening up their hearts to Him, and worshipping. When they do those things, their friendship with God will grow, and they’ll know how to follow Him!

Our Rooms


Birth - One 
We love our babies! Our nursery team members will pray with your child, speak truths into their life as well as play and love your child! 

Hope Kids

Two - Five 
In our HopeKids room  we make friends while we hear about the love of Jesus and worship! We get to slide down our slide and experience an environment full of fun, safety and love!


Five - Eight 
Our Generations room is full of kids ready to make new friends and learn about Jesus! We learn how to pray, worship and have an age appropriate lesson for you child! 

The Garage

Here in The Garage we get ready for the sanctuary! The kids have their notebooks, pens and their bibles! We teach age appropriate lessons for everyday use, and we even get to worship in the sanctuary before we head out to The Garage!

Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQs of KidZone.

How do I check my child in?

We place great value on providing you and your child/children with a safe environment. All children are required to be checked in by a parent/guardian. When you arrive, simply stop by Connect Central and check your child in using the Ipad. If you are new, a member of Connect Central would be happy to help you! When you register your child/children, two labels will be printed out at KidZone Check-In station. The first label will be the child’s name tag- that will be placed on their back. This will have a number, their name and any allergies written on it. The other label that is printed is for the parent/guardian. That label has the same number that the child’s name tag has. In order to pick up your child/children, you must present that label at the KidZone Check-In station.  This protects you and your child by ensuring that no one else can pick up your child while you attend service.

What does my child need to have?

Nursery – Premixed bottles and diaper bag marked with child’s name. Car carriers may stay in nursery.
Hope Kids – Diaper/Pull Up and Sippy cup with water and name written on it. If your child is potty training, please inform the KidZone team member.
Generations – Bible and tithe. Please do not let your child bring any stuffed animals, toys, or personal belongings to class, as they are easily lost.
The Garage – Bible, notebook, tithe. Notetakers are difference makers. The kids in The Garage are preparing to sit in the sanctuary with mom and dad, so notes can be written during their time in KidZone to prepare for the sanctuary.

What if my child is sick or needs medication?

If your child has any of the following symptoms of illness within 24 hours of coming to service, he or she will not be permitted to attend class that day. Symptoms include: fever, upset stomach, chronic cough, pink eye, or contagious rash.
We are not permitted to administer any medication to your child, including ointments. Please administer any medication before bringing your child to KidZone. If your child is being treated with an antibiotic, the dosage must have been started at least one full day prior to attending church.

Will my child be welcome if...

You don’t even need to finish that question, the answer is YES! Whatever background you come from, whatever the diagnosis is,  whatever fear of not fitting in, or whatever concerns you have, you and your child are welcome here, loved here, and belong here! If you have an questions or concerns please email us at

I want to serve!

Are you interested in pouring into the next generation? Do you want to be a part of the KidZone team? Do you want to tell children about Jesus? Email our Kids Director, Jenya Moore, and she would love to get you plugged in!