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What is baptism? 

Baptism is an outward expression of your faith! You are publicly declaring and identifying yourself with Jesus!
During our water baptisms, you are immersed in water (safely), and publicly symbolizing the death of sin. When you come out of the water, it symbolizes your birth into a new life in Jesus.. and offers us a wonderful reason to celebrate with you! We love when we get to be a part of seeing people come home!
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I have decided...

Congratulations on your next step in your journey with Jesus! We are so excited that you've decided to take this incredible step, and we are honored that we get to be a part of it!  Whether you've been following Jesus for a long time and never got baptized or are a new Christian, we would be honored to baptize you! Hit the I Want To Be Baptized button above!

The next Baptism date is  June 30th after second service.